Ruband bv


Reliability, unmatched service  and superb craftsmanship are the fundamentals on which Ruband B.V. is based.


Ruband B.V. successfully serves an extensive group of national and international clients, and as such has established itself as a medium sized and dynamic company over the last 45 years. The yard is located on a site covering 10.200 m2, which is partly sheltered to minimize the effect of unfavorable weather conditions. Ruband B.V. purchases approximately 70.000 pieces of (light-) truck casings every year. The majority (90%) is sold to the international retreading industry. Truck casings, unfitted for retreading, are, in an environmentally friendly manner disposed of, and effectively routed to recycling companies.


Ruband B.V. is an associated member of the VACO (organisation for the tire and wheelbranche) and Recytyre.


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